TipTut | The Big 100 Project

100 artists, 1 living portrait


The Big 100 Project is all about artists coming together to create a piece of work that is larger than themselves. The aim is to link to other incredible designers and form relationships, collaborations and new friends within the designer community.


Being Part of something


For this project I was lucky enough to be accepted as #67 of 100, the aim was to create a 2 second looping GIF which when combined with the other 99 created a large scale image (a portrait of a woman) with 100 different styles and designs each unique to every artist. It is genuinely quite a beautiful idea and a pleasure to be a part of. As I write this it is currently 2 weeks before the final submission date and the page is still awaiting submissions but I am excited for how the final image will look!

I chose to do my square in the style of the artist Basquiat, This was my first ever hand drawn/looping GIF created in Photoshop and a very fun learning experience!

You can see the page for yourself over at http://www.thebig100project.co.uk/index.php 


Final Animation